Top 5 Meenakshi Dutt Alternatives

Meenakshi Dutt is amongst Delhi's top bridal makeup artists. Her signature bridal makeup style is traditional. She also does indo-western bridal makeup. But she is known more for her rich and transformational bridal makeup looks. She has an amazing sense of colour and styling. She uses vivid colours in her makeup. She takes inspiration from bridal outfit and jewelery. At the end everything magically fits in.

Many brides dream of getting their bridal makeup done by Meenakshi Dutt. But not all such brides are able to get their makeup done by Meenakshi Dutt. Meenakshi Dutt normally takes bridal makeup assignments at her studio. If the bride wants to get ready  But Don't worry. This article will introduce to top 5 alternatives to Meenakshi Dutt. The makeup artists you will read about below are amazing makeup artists with years of experience under their belt. Some of them are as awesome as Meenakshi Dutt.

Kapila Sing

Kapila Singh started her makeup career in 2003 with Meenakshi Dutt. She worked with her for 12 years. Trained and mentored by Meenakshi Dutt, Kapila is an outstanding makeup artist. She does airbrush and HD makeup. Kapila is a freelance bridal makeup artist. This means she travels outside Delhi for makeup assignments. Kapils's makeup style is exactly the same as her mentor. She is good at traditional Indian bridal makeup looks. She charges Rs 25,000 for airbrush bridal makeup and Rs 20,000 for airbrush engagement makeup. Kapila also does celebrity makeup and makeup for fashion shoots. She has also done makeup for Ravishing magazine.

Rakhi Sinha

Rakhi Sinha is Noida based freelance bridal makeup artist. She is working since 2002. Before turning a freelancer she was working with Lakme Salon Noida as Senior Creative Artist. She offers airbrush as well as HD makeup. Like Meenakshi Dutt, Rakhi's forte is traditional bridal makeup looks. However she also does softer indo-western style bridal makeup looks. Rakhi's USP is economical service offerings. She charges Rs 20,000 for airbrush makeup at venue. She takes bridal makeup assignments in Delhi/NCR and other cities. Rakhi has more than 14 years of experience. Before turning a freelancer Rakhi was a senior creative artist at Lakme Stuido Noida.

Deepika Moriya

Deepika Mariya is a freelance bridal makeup artist. Like Kapila, Deepika was also a senior makeup artist at Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers. Her makeup style is also very similar to Meenakshi Dutt. Deepika's hairstylist Suraj also worked with Meenakshi Dutt. Deepika and Suraj together make a nice alternative for Meenakshi Dutt. If you are looking for a traditional and transformational Indian bridal makeup then you should definitely consider Deepika. Deepika takes bridal makeup assignments all over Delhi & NCR. She also travels outside Delhi. Another USP of Deepika is her economical packages. She offers airbrush bridal makeup for less than Rs 20,000.

Tripti Rastogi

Tripti Rastogi is freelance bridal makeup artist. She is Delhi based. Tripti's makeup style is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Her Arabic smokey eye bridal makeup is outstanding. Just like Meenakshi Dutt, Tripti uses colours in her bridal makeup. However she keeps it simpler than Meenakshi Dutt. Her eye makeup is more "satiny" and a little less vivid. However the end result is no less spectacular.